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    NY is not only known for its fast life, but also known for several auto accidents that take place every day. Some of the known reasons for car accidents are negligent driving, driving rashly, or drunken driving.

    In some accident cases, there is no physical injury, but one can file for compensation claim and get reimbursement for the repairs. However, in an accident wherein somebody is serious injured due to negligent driver, then the injured person can file a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent driver or any other person responsible for the accident.


    Auto Accidents Lawsuits in New York

    Most of car accidents involving heavy vehicles are fatal or cause serious personal injuries.


    In order to get the right justice and compensation for the injuries one must follow these guidelines :-

    a) Examine the injuries and damages right after the car accident. If someone is seriously injured, then call for an ambulance immediately. Injured pedestrian should also be given medical treatment.


    b) Register an accident case with the NY police and preserve a copy of the same. Do not admit your mistake if you are not at fault and person responsible for the accident should be handed over to the police.

    c) Contact a NY car accident lawyer for filing an accident injury lawsuit against the negligent driver or authority for getting compensation. In case the accident has occurred due to malfunctioning of traffic signal then a case can be filed against the NY State authority.

    d) Collect all the necessary details about the accident like names, address, and the contact numbers of people involved in the accident. Also, write down the car description, license plate number, and vehicle identification number, as these would be required to claim the money from the insurance company.


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    NY is one of the busiest states in the US and as such, accidents are a real time hazard corroborated by several auto accidents reported from the NY region every day. As per the report published by the National Highway Safety Administration (NHSTA), an accident takes place every 10 seconds somewhere in the USA and some of the known causes of car accidents are negligence by drivers, driving under influence (DUI), driving dangerously, or driving under the influence of banned and lethal drugs.

    In some cases, there are no physical injuries but you need to file a compensation claim for physical damages to your car and this can be quite a slow process. However, you will be reimbursed for the repairs to your car and in case of physical injuries in a car accident, (due to negligence of other drivers), you should prepare yourself for a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent driver or any other person responsible for the accident/injuries.

    Most of the fatal car accidents involve heavy vehicle such as trucks, tractor trailers and some victims recover from their injuries but mostly the victims receive serious personal injuries. In fact, the toll for cases where accident victims were injured fatally, and led to their death is rising.


    So, if you want justice and adequate compensation for your injuries then follow this guideline :-

    a) Finding the extent of injuries and damage – You should maintain your composure if you are involved in a car accident. Instead of being agitated, you should carefully perceive the damages to you and co-passengers that they have suffered as a result of the accident. If anyone is fatally injured (including the driver at fault), then seek medical help immediately. If a pedestrian was injured then your priority should be to provide arrange for immediate medical help for the victim. Call an ambulance or intimated the state police in case of an accident.

    b) Filing an accident report with the NY police – You should file a legal accident report with the NY police and it is important to retain a copy of the same. If you were not at fault then never admit any fault of liability in the accident and if somebody was responsible then report it to the police.

    c) Call New York car accident lawyer – Your lawyer will help file your accident injury lawsuit and also, improve your chances of receive the compensation or claim for your injuries from negligent individual or authority. There are cases where your lawsuit can get complicated or difficult, for example, if you know that malfunctioning of traffic signal was responsible for the car accident. Then the NY State authorities are and thus, can be held liable for the injuries. You must discuss your case with your accident attorney thoroughly and he will guide you on how to pursue your case.
    d) Collecting necessary facts related to the accident – You must collect all vital details like names, address and the contact numbers of everyone involved in the accident. You should also write down the car description, license plate number and vehicle identification number. Insurance Companies only record the vehicle type and vehicle identification number, so it is important to document other details yourself.

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